▂▃▅▇▓ ▓<[o]>▓ ▓▇▅▃▂

Made a start on my keyboard stockpile!!

Circuit bent Yamaha PSS-780…now with extra lfo wobble & glitch beat patch bay!

Mods – 12 way rca patch bay, 1 lfo rca, pitch control, lfo circuit, lfo rate control, 5 x lfo switches.

Circuit Bent Casio SK-5 Keyboard, modified by Psychiceyeclix, with the mods this keyboard will now spit out random glitches/drones/harsh noise!

Mods – 24 way patch bay, pitch control, LDR – pitch light sensor, crash push button, 3 x drum rush/bend switches, sequencer input, body contact.

Circuit bent Yamaha PSS-21 drone/glitch/noise machine, its been bent out of recognition – it occasionally spits out a normal voice sound!!!

Mods – pitch control, 4 x glitch switches, reset switch, glitch type switch, body contact.

▇▅▃▂▓ ░[◣o◢]░ ▓▂▃▅▇


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