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Pyramid drones

Went to the place where most ideas devolved from – Egypt!                                             Once upon a time ancient egypt was into a pretty simple & realistic idea, frequency, harmony, proportion & becoming immortal amongst the constallations by living a true awakened life…..kinda the opposite to now!

Videos taken from my trip to egypt november 2016…I processed the audio through a delay pedal to create atmos.

Clips from my hotel window/roof top, giza plateau, inside the great pyramid of giza & saqqara pyramid, around the Step Pyramid of Djoser.

The amazing Karnak temple

Hot air ballooning over the valley of the kings, Luxor.

Cycling through the valley of the kings with Cedric Peters Aka The Flying Hippo, he’s cycled from south africa to egypt, thats almost the entire legnth of the african continent!!! super cool guy with amazing stories to tell check his vids! – https://www.youtube.com/user/MrImagineCedric

Electric Egyptian Arab fiddle with added pickup & 1/4 inch jack socket, plug in, turn up & fiddle away egyptian style…with delay pedal.
I do not claim to be able to play it very well!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

Egyptian Lyre picked up in luxor…now with added pickup & 1/4inch jack socket i can rip it up like a bedouin!! ummm yea…..played through a delay pedal

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