▂▃▅▇▓ ▓<[o]>▓ ▓▇▅▃▂

Armageddon Delay, been working on an extreme delay pedal for a while…here it is!! works as a standalone device or plug any instrument in & effect it into oblivion!!

Available in my etsy shop – http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Psychiceyeclix

Controls/Mods – Level, delay, repeat, LFO/Square wave circuit, LFO/Square wave select switch, rate control, LFO/Square wave on/off switch, 2 x overdrive switches, 1 x bass switch, tone push button, 3 x Lfo/Square wave variation switches, 2 x Lfo/Square wave push buttons, 2 x body contacts, on/bypass LED, LFO/Square wave rate LED, bypass footswitch.


▇▅▃▂▓ ░[◣o◢]░ ▓▂▃▅▇

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