Upcoming Live shows

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Have a few shows in march/april

Sounds Like This Festival Leeds 14th March



Harsh Noise set & circuit bent gunfight set here 28th March!!


Playing this fundraiser, raising money for Sopia & her battle with leukaemia 29th march



Playing @ I K L E C T I K 9th April, doing a collab set with Pillars Of Golden Misery, will be playing sitar & ethnics for this ambient drone set.



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Glitch batch episode 66.9

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A selection of mini mix videos using various classic circuit bent devices from my collection & a few new devices from the last few months!!

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Glitch batch episode 66.8

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Been a while since I posted so here’s a few glitchy videos of recent works!!!

  • Vortex glitched up visually & sonically on Circuit bent SNES

  • Seven Deadly Sins anime glitched on Circuit bent Archer video enhancer & live Psychiceyeclix audio glitch

  • Circuit bent SNES, Street Fighter, Boxing Legends of the ring, Stunt race, Street Racer.

Circuit bent Archer video enhancer & live Psychiceyeclix audio glitch an anime swordfight!

Circuit bent Mantra box lfo out into Winfun Keyboard.
Video glitched by Sima Edit 2x


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Robot sextet & Drum trio

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Robot drummers jamming with their master!!

Psychiceyeclix Robot sextet Live action.
The band – Robot 1 – bass/robot noise head, Robot 2 – zither, Robot 3 – kalimba, Robot 4 – bass drum & snare, Robot 5 hi hat, Robot 6 – xylophone 🤖🥁🤖🥁🤡🚀


Psychiceyeclix Robot sextet

Sitar & the Robot Drum Trio

Robot Drum Trio

Kalimba duel – Man vs Drumming Robot


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Live in Sweden / London vids

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Here’s a couple of live vids, 1st from Sweden – BZZZ 2019 Sound Art Festival & a clip from Tomorrow Waasteland, The Castle 28/9/19


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Sitar Album – Acoustic Waterfall

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Recorded my 1st acoustic album, album no 9.

Acoustic Waterfall by Psychiceyeclix & Jimmy Cemil

Me – sitar & bass, Jimmy Cemil – tablas

Recorded live at the house we live, a waterfall runs down the back of our garden hence the title!!

Get it free here – https://doubledgescissor.bandcamp.com/album/acoustic-waterfall-8-035

Video for Waters rise, featuring the waterfall


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Armageddon Delay!!!

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Armageddon Delay, been working on an extreme delay pedal for a while…here it is!! works as a standalone device or plug any instrument in & effect it into oblivion!!

Available in my etsy shop – http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Psychiceyeclix

Controls/Mods – Level, delay, repeat, LFO/Square wave circuit, LFO/Square wave select switch, rate control, LFO/Square wave on/off switch, 2 x overdrive switches, 1 x bass switch, tone push button, 3 x Lfo/Square wave variation switches, 2 x Lfo/Square wave push buttons, 2 x body contacts, on/bypass LED, LFO/Square wave rate LED, bypass footswitch.


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Acoustic Robotics

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I recently moved & laying outside in road I found an old piano…after dragging it into the shed & removing the boring parts – keys, frame, wood etc…the idea of using a little motorized robot drummer i own to play it arose!!! here’s a few sketches of it playing the piano harp, zither & kalimba


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Live vidssss

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Here’s a few live videos from performances at London night Sonic Electronics, Ipswitch Noise=Noise & my London night Dissolving Boundaries where I performed with long time collaborator Bioni Samp.

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Flaming Distortion FX Pedal

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Been building a distortion fx pedal

Works as a standalone noise generator or distortion fx pedal

Available in my etsy store – http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Psychiceyeclix

Has LFO/Square wave to add more noise to your distortion, LFO will also cut holes in your sound using the LFO rate control.
Has 3 body contacts to get your hands on the sound!
3 LFO/Square wave variations & 3 push button to warp the sound.

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