I have been making/creating music as Psychiceyeclix since 2001, making 9 ep’s/albums released on Cyborg Recordings, Doubledgescissor, Tingo Tongo Tapes, Future Music, Kiff Recording,  Junkyard Productions, Fature Music, Dismissive Records, Linear Obsessional Records, Videopunks. 

I tryto keep a fluid approach to creation, never settling on any particular style or setup constantly experimenting with sound & visuals.
Using circuit bent toys/devices & diy electronics to create anything from glitch, harsh noise to drum & bass.
At present using a symbiosis of visuals & sound as much as possible, either visuals to influence sound or vice versa.
I began rewiring & modifying devices since in 1999, first hacking samplers then rewiring keyboards, megaphones & anything that generates a noise!
I have sold various Psychiceyeclix bent devices to – USA,Japan,Denmark,France,Belgium,Spain,Sweden,Italy,Ireland,Czech,Brazil,Australia,Slovenia,Russia
Canada,Mexico,Thailand,Canada,Malaysia,Brazil,Canada,Germany,Portugal,Saudi Arabia…getting on every corner of the globe!!!!
So far i have circuit bent at least 500 devices & counting through billions of rewirable possibilities!…
Other active projects i’m involved in –

Devanid – Sitar/electronics

Zentric Bau – Sitar/ethnics/electronics

Jah Minded & Psychiceyeclix – Sitar/circuits

Previous projects – CTCVN Cutthoat Convention  LowTRAMON  The V()id Ab()ve  ><wi||fi><  YOU WILL DIE  3 ANT RIOT  HYDRANT


▂▃▅▇█▓▒░(Curriculum Vitae‭)░▒▓█▇▅▃▂

Born‭ – Weston-super-Mare & ‬Resides – Twickenham

BTEC‭ ‬1st diploma Electro-mechanical Engineering,‭ ‬Weston Tecnical College‭ ‬1993-94
City‭ & ‬Guilds Electronics‭ & ‬computer servicing,‭ ‬Weston Tecnical College‭ ‬1992-93

To push my creativity in new directions,‭ ‬expand experience in matter/consciousness.‭

Recent Exhibitions

2014‭ ‬Minnie Cunningham glitch art projection,‭ ‬Life’s a glitch at Tate Britain.
2014‭ ‬Audio/Visual glitch performance,‭ ‬ANATUMS ROUNDTRIP memorial day,‭ ‬London.
2015‭ ‬Audio/Visual glitch performance,‭ ‬Electric Nights Festival Medea Electronique,‭ ‬Athens,‭ ‬Greece.
2015‭ ‬Film viewing,‭ ‬Usurp Zone5‭ ‬Film Festival,‭ ‬London.
2015/16‭ ‬Film viewing,‭ Miami New Media Festival,‭USA.                                                 2015 Birdscape, Audio/visual viewing at Bioacoustic Urbanscapes, Ohio University.
2015 Usurp Delhi, The experimental art gallery, New Delhi.
2016 Audio Graffiti, Hamline University, Minnesota USA.
2016 Blip glitch,IVAHM, Museum of Arts Center, Madrid, Spain.
2015/16 Audio/Visual performance, BZZZ! International Sound Art Festival, Sweden.   2016 Audio/Visual performance Sonic Dreams Festival, Ireland.
2016 Circuit bending workshop, Rhizome,Washington DC, USA.
2016 Audio/visual performance, Muslab International Sound art Festival, UK.
2016 Film viewing, Video Video Nasty, USA.
2017 Artist is residence, An Evolving Thesis, Brisbane, Australia.                                2017 Film viewing, Zoom International Film festival, Poland.


“Rectify‭” ‬collaboration audio release,‭ ‬Organart records,‭ ‬uk,‭ ‬2001.
‭”‬Realize‭” collaboration ‬audio release,‭ ‬Organart records,‭ ‬uk,‭ ‬2002.
‭”‬Binary Rape‭” ‬collaboration audio release,‭ ‬Napalmed records,‭ ‬czech,‭ ‬2003.‭
“Kiru Za Hatsu” ‭collaboration ‬audio release,‭ ‬Future Music Magazine,‭ ‬uk,‭ ‬2006.
‭”‬Skeleton Zoo‭” ‬audio release,‭ ‬Future Muasic Magazine,‭ ‬uk,‭ ‬2008.
“Glitch” 28‭ ‬Audio/instrument hardware releases,‭ ‬Doubledgescissor,‭ ‬uk,‭ ‬2006‭ ‬-14.
‭”‬Gobekli Tepe‭” ‬video/audio,‭ ‬CTM Vorspiel,‭ ‬ger,‭ ‬2014.
“‬Glitchy nightmares‭”‬,‭ ‬Create Digital Music,‭ ‬2014.
‭”‬Separating the Ears from Eyes‭”‬,‭ ‬audio/visual release,‭ ‬Dismissive Records,‭ ‬2015.
“Glitch Art Interview”, Interviewed by Art Habens Art review, 2015.                “Mantracosby”, Cosplay comp. audio/visual release, Dismissive Records, 2015.
“Bending Photograph”, Videoart comp, VHS release, Videopunks, 2015.
“Friday 13th” Open Your Window. audio release, Linear Obsessional Recs,2015.
“Tales from the junkyard” Video art compilation on Junkyard recordings, 2016.
“White Label” (feat. Psychiceyeclix) Vibe Aeon Remix on Cyborg Recordings, 2016.
“Lifes a Glitch version 1” sample compilation on Tethered Records, 2016.                        “Tales from the junkyard II” Video art compilation on Junkyard recordings, 2017.        “Sun vs Saturn” compilation SN on Janus Music & Sound, 2017.                               “Solar Schematics”, Split Album w/Igor Amokian, Tingo Tongo Tapes, 2017.



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