Get your sound/video device modded
You already know what it can do, but what can it do with an infinite amount of rewiring possibilities!!!

If you have any device that you would like to have its circuits bent or modded, I can have a go….all devices can be modded to a certain extent.
If it has a speaker it can be connected to an amplifier, pitch control can be added to most older devices but if it has a black blob as its main ic, less can done….random glitches, loops, distortion can be found.

Not all devices are bendable, i have broken a few devices in my years!- Novation bass station, i added pitch control to it but whilst tapping 5 volts from a transistor……..no more sound.
A few speak & spells, toys, casios have met their demise – over time i know when enough modding is enough modding!


Get in touch using form below or email – psychiceyeclix@yahoo.com



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