Psychiceyeclix live @ Noise=Noise, 9/6/18

Psychiceyeclix @ Syntax, Denver, CO 7/23/2018

Psychiceyeclix live@Trunk Space, Phoenix, AZ 11/7/18

Psychiceyeclix live@Villa Bota, Bruges, Belgium 22/09/2017

Psychiceyeclix live @ Noise=Noise 360


Psychiceyeclix @ De Bruit et d’Encre – Rouen 14/09/2017

Psychiceyeclix live@Centrum voor Labiele Media, Netherlands 18/09/2017

Psychiceyeclix vs Nnja Riot – Light Sabre Duel live@Gleeetch/MicroRave/EVTV

Psychiceyeclix live@Vrijplaats Leiden, Netherlands 16/09/2017

Psychiceyeclix – Sitar & Circuit bent tabla live@Vinyl 2/9/17


Psychiceyeclix live@Muslab 2016 festival, London 3/11/16

Psychiceyeclix LIVE@BZZZ! 2016 Harp Art Lab, Sweden

Psychiceyeclix Live at Sonic Dreams Festival, Ireland 24/9/16

Psychiceyeclix Live@BZZZ! 2016 Harp Art Lab, Sweden 2/7/16

Psychiceyeclix live@Tritriangle, Chicago 3/6/2016

Psychiceyeclix live@Hive Mind, Akron 31/5/2016

Psychiceyeclix live@the Mudlark Theatre, New Orleans 21/5/2016

Psychiceyeclix live@Rhizome, Washington DC 24/5/16

Psychiceyeclix live@Austin Noise 20/5/16

live in Twickenham by Psychiceyeclix

Psychiceyeclix Live in Sweden @ BZZZ Sound Art Festival 2015

Psychiceyeclix Live in Athens @ Electric Nights festival 3/04/15

PsychicEyeClix – Circuit Bent live Eyes 2/4/15

Psychiceyeclix Live in Sweden @ BZZZ Sound Art Festival 2015

PsychicEyeClix – live@Anatums Abode 22/11/14

PsychicEyeClix – Mangled limbs / Conspire to aquire live@Doubledgescissor

Circuit Bent Stewie in my Pocket Northolt jungle jam




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