Recent rewires……..

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Electric Kalimba with circuit bent delay

Kalimba with onboard delay, with bypass switch, volume, delay, repeat controls & has a switch to circuit bend it into oblivion!! –

Mickey mouse circuit bent outta shape!

The Fartquencer No.2..add squelch & extra wetness to your sound!! ideal for dump step/fart beat/bum & bass…..

Kazoo thru 1 of my Robot destruction boxes…..doesn’t sound like a harmonica!!! –

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Egypt snips & clips

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Pyramid drones

Went to the place where most ideas devolved from – Egypt!                                             Once upon a time ancient egypt was into a pretty simple & realistic idea, frequency, harmony, proportion & becoming immortal amongst the constallations by living a true awakened life…..kinda the opposite to now!

Videos taken from my trip to egypt november 2016…I processed the audio through a delay pedal to create atmos.

Clips from my hotel window/roof top, giza plateau, inside the great pyramid of giza & saqqara pyramid, around the Step Pyramid of Djoser.

The amazing Karnak temple

Hot air ballooning over the valley of the kings, Luxor.

Cycling through the valley of the kings with Cedric Peters Aka The Flying Hippo, he’s cycled from south africa to egypt, thats almost the entire legnth of the african continent!!! super cool guy with amazing stories to tell check his vids! –

Electric Egyptian Arab fiddle with added pickup & 1/4 inch jack socket, plug in, turn up & fiddle away egyptian style…with delay pedal.
I do not claim to be able to play it very well!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

Egyptian Lyre picked up in luxor…now with added pickup & 1/4inch jack socket i can rip it up like a bedouin!! ummm yea…..played through a delay pedal

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Glitchy Fingers Pt II

Circuit bent speak n maths/toy synth sequenced & glitching!!

Sequencer test….just put together a 5 step sequencer, here its sequencing a monotron

Circuit bent monty python foot! – John Cleese is from my hometown weston-super-mare, i know he’d approve!!!

Now circuit bending in Russian!!

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An Evolving Thesis online exhibition

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Have a bunch of my video art here – online exhibition residency with Australian based An Evolving Thesis…


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Lastest bends….

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Circuit bent vampire drum/keys

Full of fangtastic beats & bloody good key sequences!!!

Glitchy fingers test – 1st drone mine sold in yonks off to the usa

Not the greatest light sabre i’ve modded but worth a few push buttons!

Simple but fun, the chinese disco sample is killer!!! )

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Live video in London/Ireland

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Live @ Muslab 2016 International Electroacoustic Music Festival

Glitching visuals & audio, part of a great festival of electro-acoustic audio-visual performance & listening…

Live @ Sonic Dreams festival, Waterford, Ireland

Amazing festival, lots of amazing artists, cool city, great all round folk 🙂

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Circuit bent star wars

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Glitching the force…got a bunch of star wars electronic’s a few!

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Sirens,samplers, blip phones & robots!!

Circuit bent U-create – The great Alan Watts ‘time is a difficult thing to pin down’ sample getting mangled…added samples with uload

Circuit bent Dub Siren – Good old fashioned sequenced bleeps/lasers/gunshots!!

Blip bleep sequencer – circuit bent toy mobile!

Circuit bent Brian the robot…..noise, distortion more noise!

Recent rewirings……

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Next batch of projects some in progress, some done & sold!

1st probes into the Boss DR-5…..some tasty bends found already:)

Road Kill synth….circuit bent car toy…

More sequenced speak & maths, getting a bit more tastier!!

Test vid – Sequencer wars, circuit bent Star Wars in your pocket..

Fart beat & Harsh nose, farting & sneezing in perfect harmony!!!

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Recent bends

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More circuit bent stylophone dubstep antics!!

Fat bass!!!! – Electric Kalimba through EH bass micro synth…after 50 secs!

Quick bass slap test through my new Robot Destruction ring mod pedal, with LFo, pitch control, up / down pitch cycle..

More sequenced speak & maths, getting a bit more tastier!!

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