Psychiceyeclix Vs Teknocannibaal New Album

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Circuit Bent Gunfight

Recorded last summer using circuit bent toy guns throughout the album

Psychiceyeclix – Circuit bent gun, cyberman head, drum machine, theremin, triangle

Teknocanibaal – Circuit bent gun, noise board, lockjaw, sampler, harmonica

Guest vocals by Mc Donny T & Adolphin Hitter

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New Album ‘Dreamstates 3.0’

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New Album ‘Dreamstates 3.0’ by Psychiceyeclix & Jimmy Cemil.

Tripped out epic sitar & beats recorded live, with bass, electronics, black sea kemence added after.

Our 3rd collab album Me – Sitar, bass, black sea kemence & Jimmy Cemil – bendir drum & tabla.

get it FrEe or pay if you like –

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‘Turkish Modular’ album by Bioni Samp & Psychiceyeclix

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New release from myself & longtime collaborator Bioni Samp
Its an album made with an unfathomable amount of sitar, bass, ethnic instruments, circuit bent devices, electronics & field recordings.
Get here –

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New Album – Existential Circus

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Existential Circus

6th Album of the year released, a collab with turkish tabla/bendir/oud player Jimmy Cemil, it’s our 2nd recording & follow up to last years ‘Acoustic Waterfall’ Album.

On this album I dropped the sitar for circuit bent synths, sound book & prayer bowl to make something a little more experimental..

The title inspired by the circus like joke we find ourselves in!! We also laughed out asses off whilst recording a few of the tracks!! )

Download free or name your price –

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‘Psychedelic Knowhow’ new Album!!

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‘Psychedelic Knowhow’

New 10 track Album out On Cyborg Recordings – available on Spotify, iTunes, Beatport & the usual platforms.

Psychedelic Knowhow is around the 9th Album from Psychiceyeclix

Lots of industrial glitch beats, vocals by my favourite cat in the world – Jimi!, electric harmonicas, beatsinks, diy fx & a ton more used on this album🍄🗣️

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Circuit Bent Sample Pack Vol​​.​​3

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Circuit Bent Sample Pack Vol​​.​​3 Glitch Beat​s & Circuit Bent Synths

Some of my favourite gear used to create vol. 3, circuit bent dd-5, casio keys, furby, calcualtor beats & more…

250 samples of circuit bent drum machines, synths, sequencers, analog synths, furbies….


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Instrument Sleeve #2

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Instrument Sleeve #2 is a collaboration between Psychiceyeclix & Caecus Animi that represents their background of Instrustrial, Noise, Techno, Glitch, Experimental, Ethnic & Ethereal sounds, combining sitar, electronics & diy instruments.

On this record I drop my usual electronic glitchery for my more organic ear pleasing sitar!! :))

Instrument Sleeve #2 is the 2nd in a series of unique 36 vinyl albums that Psychiceyeclix & Caecus Animi are releasing in the upcoming future, 36 x 12″ records will be made with unique playable instrument/noise box sleeve & different tracks.

The Sleeve is playable – you can connect a jack input and strum the strings & springs create your own glitchy sounds.

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BITROT – All Your Bits Fucking Rot Album

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BITROT is a collaboration between Psychiceyeclix (synths, circuit bent devices, gameboy) & Kaku de la Brocolina (drums).

All Your Bits Fucking Rot is the result of a an improvised session that represents their background of Instrustrial, Jazz, Blast, Noise, Glitch & Experimental electronics.

All Your Bits Fucking Rot is available from Doubledgescissor free or name your price –
Music video –

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Monotron Adding CV in, 1/4″ jack out & in Tutorial

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Monotron Adding CV in, 1/4″ jack out & in Tutorial

Monotrons are something I messed around with every now & then….then forgot about them!!Upgrade those little tedious mini jack sockets, add cv input & get those fingers twiddling those little synths again!!

Kits available –

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New Album Instrument Sleeve – Digital/12″ noise box/12″

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Album – ‘Instrument Sleeve’
Instrument Sleeve is a collaboration between Psychiceyeclix & Caecus Animi
Journey with us through experimental, glitch, industrial techno and noise.
This is our collaboration.
Circuit bent devices were were used in all tracks on the Album. We have made this Album together at Fish Tank Studio using multiple machines, analogue equipment and distortion units.
The Sleeve is playable – you can connect a mini jack input and create your own glitch sounds.

12″ Vinyl Instrument Sleeve

Side A
– Ratman
– Talking teacher

– 808 Game 

Side Bm 
– Portersound
– Enough 
– Chinese disco 8bit

Instrument Sleeve designed & built by Damian Lintell-Smith (Psychiceyeclix)


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