Noise Brick & 8 Bit brick synths!!

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Noise Brick

I will build a great wall…..of noise!! Make glitchy noise, rhythms, harsh noise, computer sounds, 8 bit noise etc…..

Controls – On the front – Amplitude, Pitch coarse, pitch fine On the top – Noise shape control On switch On LED 3 x noise variation glitch switches Square wave/LFO on switch Square wave/LFO switch Square wave/LFO rate control 2 x distortion body contacts On the back – 1/4 inch jack out Power in jack CV in mini jack socket

available here –

8-Bit Noise Brick

8-Bit Noise Brick!! create endless 8-bit sounds/bleep/blips/crashing noise/distortion…has various sounds sweeps, sirens, tones to select then add square wave, lfo & noise options. Either have the sound on constant or use the red button for short blasts of 8-bit brick noise!!


available here –

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US West coast tour vidsssssssssss

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Its been a while since I posted anything, here’s a whole lot of live videos from west coast usa tour with Solypsis, much fun & noise had all over 🙂


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US West coast tour!!!

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Touring with the mighty prolific rhythmic noise beast Solypsis from Phoenix to Denver july 11 – 25th 🙂

Phoenix – Trunk Space, July 11
Las Vegas – Garth Haus, July 12
Los Angeles – Vast Lab, July 14
San Francisco – Noise Records, July 15
Los Angeles – Coaxial Arts, July 16

Tacoma – Real Art Tacoma, july 18
Eugene – OldPub, july 19
Seattle – Hollow earth, july 20
Denver – Syntax #2, july 23

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HWW, Vast Lab, ExSoSo, Psychiceyeclix, Solypsis, J3M5, Pulsating Cyst, Ropal Jagnu.png


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Solar Synths

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Now the summer is here its time to harness the sun, completed a few years after finding a nice piece of bark in a local park.                                                                                            Solar Bark – synth mounted on wood with built in solar panel. below is a 360 video of Solar Bark & Solar Machine gun in action.


Atari Solar Bark Console


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New Releases!!

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Luna Skimatix – Released on Tingo Tongo Tapes #tingotongotapes , this is the follow up to 2017s Solar Schematics.

sharing a tape with the amazingly glitchy circuit bender/producer Igor Amokian #igoramokian

buy –


Here’s Death on French Toast – circuit bent Sega Mega Drive in action, taken from Luna Skimatix split tape.


I have 2 tracks on this collab album –


Me – Circuit bent Casio Guitar,  Ernesto Bohorquez : Drums
Me – Sitar,circuit bent fx,  Ernesto Bohorquez : Drums



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Live tour videos

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Here’s a collection of videos taken in september – Psychiceyeclix/Solypsis euro tour 🙂

Villa Bota, Bruges, Belgium 22/09/2017

De BRUIT ET D’encre, Rouen, France 14/09/2017

Centrum voor Labiele Media, Dordrecht, Netherlands 18/09/2017

Vrijplaats Leiden, Netherlands 16/09/2017

 20.09.17 – Venster99, Austria

De BRUIT ET D’encre, Rouen, France 14/09/2017

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New releases

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Have a few tracks released on compilations –

‘Plague of Locusts’ on this compilation, some my robotic lyrical hatred on this 1 – ‘Humanity is like a plague of locusts sweeping across a field of corn’.
Appearing alongside some cool noisy artists ahead of D£stroy All Artifacts All Dayer on Sunday 12 November 🙂

Have my live set on this Noise Shed Compilation alongside the finest noisers…super cool listen check it!!! <[o]>

Have a live track on this – Noise Against Racism comp on Blackened Death Records and HNM Records 


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Psychiceyeclix / Solypsis Euro tour

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Just back from 3 weeks on the the road in europe with Solypsis…

All shows were winners, met some cool people saw some amazing music.

Heres a few vids/pics taken by audience & other artists.

Great thanks to all who helped us 🙂

Live in Rouen, France

Light sabres live in Bruges

LIve in Vienna

Jam in Rotterdam


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Live clips & snips

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A couple of live clips from  New River Studios, Gleeetch X MicroRave X EvTv X Level Up – Nnja Riot vs Psychiceyeclix, filmed by Tim Drage & me, glitched video with circuit bent Sima processor.

Pics from New River Studios, Noise in the shed & Sonic Arts forum gigs

Live @ Noise in the shed Photos by me & Pete Foto

Live @ Noise in the shed photos by Phillip Raymond Goodman

At Sonic Arts forum, Leeds University

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Video glitch batch 66

Video processors, rewired for maximum glitch…have an unhealthy collection of potential video processors…these are the 1st batch circuit bent 🙂

1st one is set my track ‘Mass consumer Psychosis’ – voice through circuit bent fx cacophony – on this ‘Ö’ album on {AN} Eel, Toronto. 53 tracks of EXPERIMENTAL VOICE <[o]>