Sound Art Wall of Noise

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Wall of Noise

A full band of Paintings to hang on a wall & make it a wall of noise!!!

1st painting was named ‘Transmutation Pyramid’ & has a 4 osscilator synth with many multi coloured LEDs, the title is taken from my thought process in 2003 & an interest in ancient egypt/chakra system.

2nd is named ‘Drums of Eye’ & has a drum device with 10 step sequencer.

3rd is named ‘Psycasso’ due to the Picasso style print used, a harsher sound is created with the synth fitted to it.

4th is the ‘Brain Mixer’ which all the other paintings are plugged into, it also has a delay effects so the sounds can be affected.

Instrument Sleeve #3

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Instrument Sleeve #3 12″ Album/Instrument by Psychiceyeclix & Caecus Animi

This 1 of a kind Album/Instrument – Scratch & twang along to the record or make your own samples!!

Instrument Sleeve #3 is the 3rd in a series of unique 36 vinyl albums that Psychiceyeclix & Caecus Animi are releasing in the upcoming future, 36 x 12″ records will be made with unique playable instrument/noise box sleeve & different tracks.

Combining Psychiceyeclix glitch/circuit bent angles & Caecus Animi rave /tribal/electro styles to make Instrument Sleeve #3.

Psychiceyeclix is an experimental sound artist based in London,
Using sitar & hacked self made fx/hacked toys/synths/drums to make unique sounding instruments.
With performances & tours in many countries over the years including Japan, Greece, USA, Scandinavia & most of Europe.

Caecus Animi is a London based Live Artist and Music Producer and runs Fish Tank Studio & Wicked Dubplates in Hackney.
His eclectic approach to sound is the key element in his productions.
A mix of early rave and tribal music fuses the back bone for his raw style.

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This album was made entirely of Circuit bent Shelby sounds.
No FX, plugins, sweaty men or other sounds used, 100% cIRCUIT BENT sHELBY

Processes used – pitch shift, EQ, reverse arranged in a plug-in free daw

only 1 device to create entire albums using no fx!.

Download free or name your price –

Nice review by Noise not Music

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After making countless albums using multiple devices & tons of fx…I decided to use only 1 device to create entire albums using no fx!.

This album was made entirely of Circuit bent Furby sounds, no fx or other sounds used, 100% cIRCUIT BENT fURBY
Processes used – pitch shift, EQ, reverse.

The cover is my Furbinator & Terminator hybrid.

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MERZDOH – New Album!!

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This album was made entirely of Circuit bent Homer Simpson generated sounds.

No fx used, all 100% Circuit Bent Homer.

PC processes – pitch shift, reverse & EQ. Get FreE –

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1000 Glitches – Circuit Bent Sample Pack Vol​​​.​​​5

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Samples created with over 35 devices all created & circuit bent by Psychiceyeclix

Samples of circuit bent drum machines, synths, sequencers, analog synths, furbies, Analog bass, Analog beats, Circuit bent piano gloves, Yamaha Pss 30, RX-8, Alesis SR-16, Bass gun, Zoom fx, noise kalimba, melodica & many more!!!! ….

get here –

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Psychiceyeclix Vs Teknocannibaal New Album

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Circuit Bent Gunfight

Recorded last summer using circuit bent toy guns throughout the album

Psychiceyeclix – Circuit bent gun, cyberman head, drum machine, theremin, triangle

Teknocanibaal – Circuit bent gun, noise board, lockjaw, sampler, harmonica

Guest vocals by Mc Donny T & Adolphin Hitter

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New Album ‘Dreamstates 3.0’

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New Album ‘Dreamstates 3.0’ by Psychiceyeclix & Jimmy Cemil.

Tripped out epic sitar & beats recorded live, with bass, electronics, black sea kemence added after.

Our 3rd collab album Me – Sitar, bass, black sea kemence & Jimmy Cemil – bendir drum & tabla.

get it FrEe or pay if you like –

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‘Turkish Modular’ album by Bioni Samp & Psychiceyeclix

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New release from myself & longtime collaborator Bioni Samp
Its an album made with an unfathomable amount of sitar, bass, ethnic instruments, circuit bent devices, electronics & field recordings.
Get here –

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New Album – Existential Circus

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Existential Circus

6th Album of the year released, a collab with turkish tabla/bendir/oud player Jimmy Cemil, it’s our 2nd recording & follow up to last years ‘Acoustic Waterfall’ Album.

On this album I dropped the sitar for circuit bent synths, sound book & prayer bowl to make something a little more experimental..

The title inspired by the circus like joke we find ourselves in!! We also laughed out asses off whilst recording a few of the tracks!! )

Download free or name your price –

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